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My 1973 Limited

Guest BJM

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On ebay now-

Buick : Electra Limited in Buick | eBay Motors

Last year (2012) I had 8 of my 9 cars come in. 3 cars (this Limited, my 1990 Reatta convertible, and a 67 Oldsmobile Toronado) were purchased local off Craigs List with the sellers accepting my offers without hesitation due to soft market. Now, I am out of room, and focusing on the ones needing restored.

In theory THIS one should be kept and sorted out and my projects should be sold but so few people are doing projects that I would lose a lot of money on them. I own 2 73 Buicks as well, the other being a 73 Centurion which I am now finally restoring rather then collect dust. My avatar shows my 70 Wildcat up on blocks and my daughter's 73 Mercedes, both waiting for garage space behind the Reatta and the 73 Centurion. Meanwhile my Packard and Chrysler are getting professionally restored with monthly $$$ owed so something has to give.

So this nice one needs to go. This would make a fantastic tour car, if you can live with 15 mpg highway gas mileage. I had intended to drive it to South Bend this year. Price reflects my cost, no money made....

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