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1933 Continental coupe - save it if you hurry

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I think the current economic situation, especially in the US, has many of us members limiting the number of bottomless pits we decide to throw money in, to what we currently have disassembled in our garages.

That being said I think we are just being cautious with any new projects we add to be sure our finances can handle it. You really have to love a car like this to want to do it. I guess nobody is truly in love with it. With hundereds of thousands of projects available one can find a better project to bury themselves in for less money and still have just as much to do, but a little more money to start with to accomplish that.

I'm quite sure the original buyer didn't pay 20,000 for this to turn it into a hot rod. If he flipped it for a small profit to a restorer he would be further ahead to take that and buy the Ford he really wants. When he gets done, this still won't be a Ford.

When the time comes to sell it when it's done I'm pretty sure he will wish it was a Ford he spent his resources on.

Sounds like a shop is doing the work so it won't be a cheap build regardless of what they do.

Coupe is almost done and I am not sorry.


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When you go to sell it you will see if it was a wise choice or not. The day will come for you or your next of kin as it will for all of us. If you put 100,000 miles on it in the meantime and had a smile the whole time then it was worth it to you, if you put it in the garage show it once or twice then decide to sell it to build something different you will see how wise your choice was especially since the end product looks a whole lot like a 33-34 Ford or Mopar.

I hope you drive it with a smile every mile.

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As someone completely outside the "hot rod" world (I wouldn't cross the street to bother looking at one)... what always strikes me it the almost complete absence of imagination on the part of those that build them. They nearly all seem to have the same few engines, the same running gear, the same chromed accessories, all from a catalog. I really haven't any problem with someone building something from a pile of parts but the overwhelming majority of them are just boring.

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It was not shredded or scrapped ....

It appears that the tires will meet the road someday and that is really all that matters ....

If someone wants to " save " a car from being rodded - step up and pay the asking price .....

This 50' Merc' was rodded back in 92' in New Jersey ....

Took (2) years to do - all lead & steel - no bondo




Freighter Jim

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Survivors are still out there if you look .....

Like this 56' Chevy Jerry found in Terra Haute, IN .....


The same model his Dad bought new when he was growing up .....

Now resides with him in Fayetteville, AR ......


A broad mind and perspective is a really wonderful thing .....

I love original and modified both ....

It is all good


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Awesome Jim! Cars like that are still out there and should be preserved. I don't mind some modifications when they're done tastefully and aren't hack jobs that can't be returned to stock.

While it all boils down, the owner can do what he likes, I still take offense when someone is posting something that blatently looks like something going against the true intention of this forum. Stuff like this rod is better off in forums that appeal to that kind of audience.

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