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1929 Ford Model AA Express Bed questions.


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Hello All,

I recently spoke to a fellow selling a '29 Ford Model AA and it has the pickup style (express) bed on it. While talking to him he mentioned that the truck bed was actually two Model T beds welded together to make the full size bed... and said it was that way from the factory.

I am curious to know if that is true and that the 29's would have had Model T beds from the factory for the express bed? Also if that is the case does that mean that it would not have the wheel well fender indents on the outside where the fenders mount?

Just need to know how the truck would have come from the factory? It has the full running boards and rear fenders. I have only seen pictures so cannot really tell the full details of the bed.



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That is not true. The early bed design is a carryover from the "T" but the express box is not two beds welded together. The side panels are one piece stamped steel parts with a different moulding pattern around the wheel well that is similar to the standard box. I believe the rear fenders are unique to this box(I could be wrong) and there is an extension piece that fits between the running board and the body to close in the gap in front of the rear fender. I believe that the end panel and tailgate is the same as the standard box. There is also a heavy duty express body that is different. It has a stamped steel outer skin box side(flat) and is lined inside with wood. The stake pockets are different as well as the tailgate and end panel. Original express boxes are hard to find and are very expensive in good condition. I think the last one I saw at Hershey was listed at $6000.00. Always wanted one of these and did find one close to home for $3,500 but it was in such bad shape I declined. Missing too many important parts!

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