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For Sale: Original early 50s Dodge truck sales literature

Glenn Hamilton

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I'm sorting through a collection of 50s thru 80s Dodge/Chrysler/Plymouth sales literature. All are in excellent condition. Included in the boxes were these four Dodge truck items:

1. 'Parade of Champions' Dated 1/53 full color fold-out for New B-4 Series trucks. This is a great piece that starts 5 1/2"X8" and opens to 20"X26" showing all types of trucks including school buses, cement mixers, and stake versions. $40

2. 'Fluid Drive' two-color blue-white ad for B, C, and D model trucks, four pages (8 sides) 8 1/2"X11" from Amlin Motor Sales in Xenia, OH. $30

3. '3/4 Ton- C Models' two-color green-white ad, dated 1-51, six pages (12 sides) 8 1/2"X11", as new. $35

4. 'The Job-Rater' The Truck Users Magazine, Vol 6-Number 3 (1953?), two-color red-white six pages (12 sides) 8 1/2"X11" from Paul Bolton, Inc, Dayton, OH. fold crease through center, $20

Purchase all four for $100. All plus postage. Glenn Hamilton, Dayton, OH glenn.hamilton@wright.edu. I'M NOT FAMILIAR WITH THIS LITERATURE, SO MAYBE I'VE PRICED IT INCORRECTLY. IT NEEDS TO BE SOLD, SO WELCOME TO THE 1/2 PRICE SALE! $50 FOR ALL ITEMS AS OF NOW!


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