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1962 Buick Invicta Station Wagon

Guest engiebauza

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Guest engiebauza

I have a 62 Invicta SW that I am sorry to sell but I will never get to it and have lost the storage, I will describe it as best as I can.

First off I have no title just the bill of sale, I had someone many years ago put a 1993 Vette suspension in the front I was going to put a twin Turbo Nail head in it so I wanted better suspension. All the original front end stuff is gone, the car needs body work in the doors and quarters and should be media blasted to get the surface rust off, there are no major dents in the roof or quarters or doors.

The Quarters have rust issuses with the left one being the worst, I work with sheet metal so it would not have been a problem for me to repair, both front dog legs would need to be rebuilt with new metal.

The doors have rust comming thru at the bottom corners of them but not bad, the rear bumper is straight but would have to be rechromed the stainless on both quarters is in good cond. There is a piece of stainless missing on the drivers side dog leg.

I have 2 sets of front fenders one set was stripped and primed same with the inner fenders, I have 2 hoods one stripped and primed, I also have 2 grills one rechromed one in good cond, and chrome trim around the headlight door has also been rechromed there are other grill items that were rechromed too.

The trim that goes on the leading edge of the hood has been rechromed.

It has all the tail lights but is missing one piece of trim that goes around one of them.

The interior is rough and would need to be redone I was going to put bucket seats out of a 95 Olds in and the go with the car. The car is a radio delete car. the floors are solid all the windows roll up and down I do not know about the gate window because I think it is power it has tinted glass but no A/C.

There are 2 401 engines that go with it and both need to be rebuilt, I only have 1 4V Intake.

I will leave it on here for 2 weeks if there is no interest I will sell the parts off it and scrap the rest.

Thanks for taking the time for looking Engie. 2500.00

P.S. I will post pictures later



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