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Hi everyone I'm new but have a question for 1957 chevy convertible owners.

Guest hotrodred

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Guest hotrodred

Hi everyone thanks for letting me join. My question is this: My husband is helping a lady restore a 1957 Chevy Belair convertible. The problem he is having is he is supposed to put a new convertible top on for her that she bought . She wants a new top on the old frame and fix the frame. The truth is the frame is not in good shape but it's basically all there but will need new bolts, bows etc. There was no instuctions with the top and no old top to go off of and he doesn't know the measurements between the seperate bows to adjust them when he gets ready to put the new top on. She sent him a couple of books ( originals or copies of owners manuals) but they don't have them in there.

I know I'm new here but would someone be willing to measure between the different bows on their convertible for me and let me know what they are? Please, we are at a loss and can't find a manual or anything on the internet that tells us what they are?

Yours truly humbled,


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