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1930 Chevy Parts For Sale

Guest Vires748

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Guest Vires748

I bought a complete 1930 Chevy that was in GREAT shape and I am not going to use a lot of the original parts in my build and it is time to start cleaning out the garage.

For the most part I will only be using the radiator, main body(only a little of the original wood), frame, axles, brakes, suspension and steering. I am located just outside of Peoria IL but travel to St Louis MO and am willing to deliver there as well.

Here is a list of what I have dug back out so far...

(8) Rims $30 each

Headlights w/ crossbar and stands $140

Brake light with bracket $30

Engine/trans $1400

Engine Crossmember $20

Tranny Crossmember $20

Exhaust $50

Back Seat $30

Front Seats $20

Some Interior Wood panels

Front Bumper $200

Rear Bumpers $100

Spare Tire Holder $400

Window Regulator $30

Rear Floor Sheet metal $75

Repop Side Skirts $ 300

Running Board Brackets $40

Hood $200

Front Fenders $200

Rear Fenders $150

Running Boards $125

Upper Gas Tank Apron $150

Lower Gas Tank Apron $150

Gas Tank $150

Hub Caps $10 - $50 Each

Battery Tray $50

Set of Hood Latches $125

Front Fender Brackets $40

Radiator/crank Pan? (in front of lower radiator and between fendors) $200















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Guest Sailorgene

Hello, What is the condition of the engine (and transmission)? Was it running when you dismantled it? Any info regarding previous rebuilding? Is it still available? Gene

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Guest PeterHampson

Hi, do you have the gas tank cover - the one that has the hole in it for the gas tank filler. Need a quick reply

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43 minutes ago, mikealex1970 said:

do you still have the front fender and the ignition switch? I can be reached @ (731)223-0114


Michael Alexander




you realize that this post is a Zombie Post, you woke it from the dead it was originally  posted in 2013

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18 hours ago, Jim Zimm said:

Please reply to jimmyz123b@gmail.com    Building a 1930 chevy couple, my second one.  Looking for a few parts.  Please reply and I will send list.



James Zimmerlee



Hey Jim,

I wish you luck with your search but you do realize that this is a zombie thread and was posted 6 years ago

Good luck 

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I have a 39 that i bought and need the following items. the roods and brackets that go across the frame for the brakes, the side pieces for the radiator that hold the radiator, the distributor house housing, the bracket that goes from the frame to the stop light with l plate bracket and the spring in the door that makes the door handle come back after you open the door.

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