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touch screen going out

Guest dwr

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My 88 touch screen is going out . It flickers on and off and sometimes stays off for minutes at a time . It has been comimg back on after the car sits for sometime. Is this typical?

I found out that it still works when blank: I just have to remember which areas to touch.

Are there touch screens replacements available ? How hard are they to replace?

Thanks for this forum.

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Touch screens are readily available. You screen is showing very common symptoms of electronic failure. We have two options on our website.

One is our rebuilt screen with a 2year warranty. These have been completely overhauled, and will be trouble free for many years. See our website for more info: http://www.eastcoastreattaparts.com/?p=179

The other is our used screens. These we have been pulled from Reattas and tested thoroughly. We give these a 90day warranty. More info: http://www.eastcoastreattaparts.com/?p=242

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The CRT's are easy to replace. Just pull the bezel free. Remove the four screws found at each corner. Pull the CRT out from the dash and remove the two connectors and you're done. Be careful when removing the bezel. It's a plastic frame covered with a thin metal veneer. Pull on the plastic only. Here's a link.

CRT Removal Instructions - '88 & '89 Models - Reatta Owners Journal

I suggest you sign up at the site that this link was generated. I also suggest that you check that site before posting a question as most of the common Reatta fixes are there already in the form of tutorials. Most of which include pics for clarity.

As for aquiring another CRT, you can contact jfinn@cpinternet.com

He's honest, reliable and has a full line of Reatta parts at extremely reasonable prices.

John F.

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