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1924 McLaughlin-Buick 24-35 Project

Guest Joel E. harris

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Guest Joel E. harris


I got this car from a buddy on a trade and it needs to get into the hands of someone who can get it back on the road, the info follows; Feel free to PM or e-mail me and I will shoot you my #.



Trades considered for: T Speed parts, TT C-cab truck project, Pass. car Ruckstell, wire wheels/hubs for a speedster, vintage longarms or...?

This 1924 Mclaughlin Buick 24-35 Touring is for sale in Saratoga California. She is a clean survivor from the jazz age and not a common sight in the lower 48. It is said to have been purchased from the Reynolds Museum in Alberta and then imported to Pacific Northwest 10 or so years ago. It found its way to California through an ebay sale when the owner got ill and sold the car before he finished it. The story that came with the car is he drove it onto a trailer in Alberta and once he got home proceeded to disassemble the car completely. Subsequently many of the small parts, and some large, have been removed and put in boxes. As with most projects that get passed off not all the parts always stay with the vehicle and this is true with this car too. The car is 90% complete and thankfully includes most of the hard to find small interior/exterior trim etc. and the nickel bright-work is in great condition. All the original upholstery is included, seat springs with the makers tags, door panels, floorboards. The honeycomb radiator appears almost perfect. The steering wheel and controls, clutch rod, Carburetor seem to have been left behind in his garage. The sheet metal is really straight with no rot, just surface rust and some of the requisite dings,dents and cracks you would expect for its age. Some of the original paint survives but the previous owner started to sand off the original finish as you can see in the photos. The wood for the body is solid and strong except for a small section on the LH lower at the driver’s door. The wood wheels are solid and seem perfectly serviceable.

The engine turns over fine, the pushrod for the intake on #4 is bent. We dropped the pan to look at the bottom end and the engine is very clean with very little sludge and no noticeable issues with the bearings. It looks like with a little attention it is likely the engine would run. The evidence certainly points that this car was parked inside for many years until it was taken down for a restoration.

If someone is looking for a survivor Nickel age touring car that could be put back on the road with limited outlay of cash and time this is certainly a candidate worth considering.

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