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Prewar Question: The Saddam Hussein/ex-King Ghazi Erdmann & Rossi 540K. Where is it now?


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This is the full skirted (front skirts too!) white roadster. Order 2698. At one time it was in the Royal Museum in Iraq but the way I heard it was that Saddam took it out and his friend the King of Morrocco sent it to Germany to be restored as a favor around 1986. Then it was sent back and photographed by a an incoming Allied troop when the Shock and Awe campaign started. Recently I read somewhere that it was for sale in Berlin. I am curious because I also heard that there might have been two copies made in Germany. Do you think the real one was sent back to Saddam, since by that time the coalition was building against him? Or do Mercedes officials think that is the real car in Germany now?

Here's a website with pictures

Erdmann & Rossi Mercedes-Benz 540K Sports Cabriolet

I can also be reached at Photojournalistpro@gmail.com

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