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96 Rivi Climate Control Fan Not Working

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Hello all. I bought my 96 Rivi SC in the fall, and in a cold storm on New Years Eve, I started it to drive home and the heater fan would not work. All fuses are fine. At first, it would either not work at all or work perfectly. Then, I found out that by taking the plastic piece off from under the glove box off and tapping the fan motor, it would turn on and work perfectly while the car was on. Then after turning it off, it would not work again. Now, it has gotten to the point that if I turn the fan motor all the way up I have to hit it with a hard plastic water bottle, kick it, etc. After I make it start, it barely works and makes a buzzing sound. Any ideas? I am pretty sure it is the fan motor, but is there a way to take it apart and clear it out, or should I replace it? Any help is appreciated!

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