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Two Tone Again

Paul Falabella

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Nothing conclusive, but after studying a bunch of two tone Super and Roadmaster 4drs, it appears that the second roof color,more commonly went below the gutter,top part of doors and around the back window.

My question now, which is harder to see in photo's; Is the the roof color also applied to the upper inside door and upper door jamb?

Can't find a shot of a two tone sedan with the doors open.


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Hi Paul.post-54102-143141767141_thumb.jpg

I have made some mistakes and here they are: The inner/upper door tops should be dover white because when the doors are closed, from a distance it looks okay, but when you get close you can see a shade of red - red line. And on the middle (the removable piece) above the stainless, should be dover white. I am adding some pictures. Hopefully I explained it okay and that this will help.









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post-54102-143141767694_thumb.jpgThanks Paul. The rear window removal molding, the top portion from inside the car, remove black metal trim. And behind the headliner on each corner, about 4 to 6", remove nuts and washers (one on each side). Then carefully disengage (slide) outside rear end of molding (do not pry it out - you might damage the reveal of molding or break the metal joint plate).

The one that gave me trouble was the front molding above the windshield. 3 or 4 screws on top were rusted. I had to cover the windshield and cut a slot for a straight screwdriver bit and with the help of a wrench, slowly took them out. Hopefully this will help you.


Next time I'll try not to include random pictures of my dog!

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Gosh George, but I hope whatever that guy is spraying, pray it is only acrylic lacquer. If it is base/clear, that shitty 3M carbon filter will not filter out Isocyanates. They go through exposed skin as well.

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