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Duesenberg Auburn Cord neon dealer sign for sale! see photos

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Photos available by emailing me at gnalbright@gmail.com. George Albright,Ocala,Fla. cell 352 843 1624 weekdays 10 -4 EST best. I have available an extremely rare piece of advertising and neon sign history. Please

share this with your ACD Club friends.This is an

Insco "Lit Writer" that allowed a business to interchange pre

manufactured neon letters to say whatever the company wished to

display and/or advertise.This company was only in business from the

1956 to 1959 period in Piqua,Ohio. (See following link to Piqua Ohio

Public Library,which houses the company's documents:)

Piqua Public Library:* I

acquired this from a friend whose father had a sign company near Lake

Erie,in Pa.,up to the 1970s. It is in SUPERB original condition! I

was able to get with another sign collector who had bought several

boxes of also new NOS letters for these signs,from a closed sign

company in Michigan. Thus you are getting a BRAND NEW 1956-59 sign and

BRAND NEW 1956-59 neon letters! I put the letters in the sign

yesterday and turned it on,for the first time in the sign and letters

lives. Both worked perfectly! You will probably NEVER get a chance

like this again. Any company and or car dealership could have bought

one of these for use in the 1950s. E. L. Cord's ACD empire made few

factory authorized dealer signs in any form. In addition,I don't

believe any ACD dealership neon signs were ever made. Thus you would

have the only ACD neon dealer sign in the world! Yes I know this is a

1950s sign not a 1930s sign,but if one had been built in the 1930s it

would have looked very similar to this.

The box has a rust patch on the bottom where the old cardboard box it

was stored in must have gotten wet decades ago. However you cannot see

the rust spot,and it in no way affects the operation of the sign. One

could take a piece of sandpaper and smooth out the rust spot and

repaint with flat black paint,and it would look like it was never

rusted. The sign is quite large! It is 36 inches long,10 inches

high,and 5 1/2 inches wide. Weight is approx. 40 lbs. The sign box

will be shipped separate from the neon letters,which will be shipped

in a crush proof box.If a letter gets broken,doesn't work,etc.

upon arrival,it will be replaced free of charge.Yes I know Duesenburg is spelled wrong! We have a replacement E coming.Shipping is free. We

accept all forms of payment,contact us. Sign will be shipped from

Ocala,Fla. Price is $9,800.



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