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My 1950 Olds steering box leaks pretty badly out the main pitman arm shaft. (i.e. a few drips a day) When I bought the car it was bone dry so I put in 75/90 gear lube but it is dripping out. I have not been able to locate a replacement seal and was wondering if there is a different kind of lubricant I could use in the steering box that would be thick enough to stay in but still accomplish the job. Or...where can I find a replacement seal?

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The problem you might run into is that the bushing in the bottom of the case might have failed causing it to move around. If that is the case then just changing the seal wont help.

When we rebuild those boxes they get packed with greese just like you would a wheel bearing. It is better for a car that sits more often then not.

As far as the seal goes you could try rockauto.com or your FLAPS. Otherwise If you wanted the box rebuilt you could send me a pm, and ill get you a quote.

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