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2012 National Awards!

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From the Policy and Procedure Manual:

v. The Spark Plug Award – Presented at the AACA Annual Meeting to the Webmaster of a Region or Chapter Internet website for their contribution to the general welfare and spirit of the Antique Automobile Club of America. Symbolizing the "Spark Plug" role of the Webmaster, the permanent trophy is a dealer’s display of a spark plug which was donated by Roland and Ruth Dunkelberger.

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The information on any of the National Awards is accessible from the Publications button on the main page at AACA.org. I would assume that they now award both pre-war and post-war awards and perhaps the document has just not been updated to reflect that.

Here is the Drivers participation Award Information from the online Policy and Procedure Manual:

ii. The Drivers Participation Award – Awarded at the AACA Annual Meeting. The Drivers Participation Award (DPC) recognized an outstanding car and owner who exemplify the spirit of maintaining and driving a collectible vehicle. This award was established by Patricia Bittner Swigart and Family in memory of John E. Bittner, Jr. and William E. Swigart, Jr. It was a particular passion of both Mr. Bittner and Mr. Swigart who believed historic vehicles were meant to be enjoyed not only as works of art but for the fun of driving on the highways.

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