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NOS Tail Lamp


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This one is a toughy. I found 2 other listings for the same light: one on eBay Hudson Buick Olds Pontiac Chevy Rod Tail Light BLC R M8 | eBay and one on taillight king http://www.taillightking.com/images/Misc-Red/BLC_R-M8_TaillightAssy.JPG (image only). Neither seller can id the application. However the State of Virginia appears to believe it is a GM product ( http://www.vsp.state.va.us/downloads/VA_Motor_Vehicle_Approved_Equipment_List/27_Stop_Lamp.pdf ).

It looks very much like a 1952/53 Hudson Wasp light, especially the stepped bezel design. However it isn't quite right, especially in that it mounts to a flat surface.

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Sometimes there will be a raised number/letter system on the red lens...usually two numbers for the year......is there? There may not be on something that early. Not sure when they started doing that. Looks kinda like the same letters and numbers as are on the chrome bezel.

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I'll throw in my 2 cents. BLC was a major manufacturer for GM so that would suggest GM as mentioned. The long single wire and uniform shape leads me to think 3rd brake light or center mounted brake light in the trunk lid like Mopar used on my 48 Plymouth as the wire was long enough to go across the whole trunk lid and plug into the wire harness up by the package shelf. I ran it through my 40's picture books though and nothing came up to a match. Gm only used a 3rd style light sparingly from what I could find. If there is a small number moulded on the inside of the housing that might help. Maybe a 6 or 7 digit number in really small numbers way in one of the deep recesses.

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