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For Sale:100+ pieces of Original Chrysler Sales Literature 1964 -1988, all Excellent condition

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I'm cleaning out several stacks of Chrysler-Plymouth-Dodge literature collected from local dealerships by a gentleman who has since passed away. This is not my area of expertise, so I'm selling in bulk. This group of 100+ items includes the sales literature for Chrysler and Imperial from 1964 (including turbine car) to 1988. Only 1973 is missing. A variety of sizes and nearly all are in color, and several are duplicates (no more than 3-4 of any one piece). They are in excellent condition and ready to go to someone who would value them. $100 OBO plus shipping, about 15 lbs. Photos of any available on request. Glenn Hamilton, Dayton, OH glenn.hamilton@wright.edu

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