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Original 1950's Chrysler Color Sales Literature

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I'm going through a collection of Chrysler Corp literature from the 50s through 80s. It includes these five pieces from the 1950s. All but one piece are in very good to excellent condition, especially the 1954 item. Prices are as follows plus postage:

1. 1950 color catalog, 6 3/4"X10", unfolds to 20"X26"- $25

2. 1951 color catalog for Windsor models, 9"X11", 8pp, has been taped along spine- $25

3. 1951 color catalog for New Yorker models, 9"X11", 8pp, taped along spine- $30

4. 1951 color 'The Beautiful Chrysler,' 8"X10" folds out to 20"x26" but 8"X14" area cutout along back page, looks like someone cutout a specific model - $10

5. 1951 two-color "America's Finest for 1951" booklet, 4"X7", 69pp, all models in B&W, plus details - $40

6. 1954 color Engineering catalog, beautiful showroom condition, 8 1/4"X 10 3/4", 22pp - $25

All for $125 plus postage. Glenn Hamilton, Dayton, OH glenn.hamilton@wright.edu


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