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1949-52 Dodge parts

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I have some 49 -52 Dodge parts for sale.

Full set of fenders for a 1950 dodge Wayfarer Sedan. Fronts are very good with a few pinholes and one minor dent. Rears have rust in the front for the wheelwell. FREE. Pick them up in Central Illinois. Forget the color - they were originally black.


1950 Dodge Wayfarer Sedan trunk lid. Excellent condition. A little surface rust only. $30.00. I'll ship it, but it won't be cheap. Better for pickup.


Two nice Wayfarer fender badges. Nice shape with all prongs on back. Need replating for a show car. $50.00 plus shipping.



Horn ring. NOS with original box. $40.00 plus shipping


Dash Radio Surround. NOS, very nice chrome, not perfect but very close. Excellent for a driver or a great candidate for a re-chrome for a show car. Perfect Dodge emblem. $100.00 plus shipping.




One piece taillights. Need replating. $15.00 for the pair plus shipping.


Lower taillight pieces and front grill badge. $20.00 for the lot plus shipping.


Steering column with shifing gear and floor pad. $30.00 plus shipping.


Convertible Kit - Complete front cowl, both doors, rear deck convertible top recess and complete top mechanism. Make your 49-52 Dodge wayfarer Business Coupe into a convertible. Comes with two extra doors from a Wayfarer sedan and the X-member from the convertible frame. Everthing will fit in a pickup truck. $900.00



Contact Richard Taylor

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Richard: Emailed you over weekend re: Wayfarer fenders. If they are still available, please let me know. Could use one or all on my 50 Wayfarer sedan. Thanks! -Charlie Warner, Roanoke, VA. ( or 540 353-2867).

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Richard: Thanks much for getting back to me. In my first email, which you probably didn't get, I mentioned that I was slowly restoring a 50 Wayfarer sedan my wife fell in love with. It runs but is pretty rough cosmetically. (Left front fender pretty distorted from prior accident and bodywork, right a little better, rust in rears, etc.). Looks like I'm about 11 hrs from you, could make drive later this week if you're around. Please call at your convenience (540) 353-2867 or email back. Will check & see what else I might need. Thanks again, Charlie W.

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Looking for a headlight knob, that would complete the dash resto!!!

(I'll settle for any decent clean chrome knob from the era, don't tell anyone but I'm sick of looking for this damn knob) shhhhhhhhhhh!!!

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