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Unique Dash Plaques.............

Guest Skyking

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Guest Skyking

With another snowy, windy weekend I thought I would start a new thread. Since we've had a thread on dash boards, I thought I would start one on dash plaques. It's been tradition to hand out dash plaques at car shows and some cruise nights for as long as I can remember. I've collected near 200 of them throughout the 34 years of car shows. They come in all shapes, sizes, colors and themes, mounted on different material, some even mounted on plastic. Here are a few of the odd ball one's I have. I added the penny for size.



I also like the new plaques with real photos attached, especially the second one with my Red & White '57 Met displayed on it....................


Do you have any unique ones???











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The 1959 Glidden Tour plaque is pretty neat. It uses a small bas-relief Glidden Trophy, attached on the 4" round badge, that was also given as a clasped pinback. With its holes, I guess it qualifies more as a grille badge than a dash plaque, but when I've found them FS, they're usually labelled as dash plaques. Officially they were called the 1959 AACA Revival Glidden Tour emblem.


The mini-trophies are based on the 1909 Glidden's souvenir pin, but I've never seen one of the '09's. Heavy, all brass and a neat, raised "map" with U.S. and State Hwy numbers.

Cool thread idea, Bob!


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Thats neat - I've got a wall full of dash plaques and will need to get out to the barn and take some pics. Thanks for posting about the Glidden Tour pin. I've seen those turn up in antique shops and on ebay and everyone seems to think they are really old and worth a mint.

So, how does everyone mount and display their dash plaques?


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Guest Skyking

TG, yours has twenty years on my oldest. It's very nice! Kind of reminds me of the early fifties Oldsmobile 3 dimensional Logo.

One of my favorites is the one I received at the 100th Anniversary of the Buick in Flint, Mi. Instead of a regular dash plaque they gave you a license plate. You could have it engraved on site. I kind of regret having mine engraved because I no longer have the Skylark, but I do have the memories of a great show! The second one is also a favorite that I received at the Buffalo National in 2001............



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The kicker is that for the '59 Glidden Tour, I was two, and nowhere near the show; yours are all from shows that you attended and therefore more meaningful. I've been waiting for a sunny day to post these...



These are from our first three Main Street Car Shows in Anderson, SC, all cars graciously made available to us by the Cofer Collection in Tucker, GA, to get the show on its feet. They were done by a very talented local artist, Scott Foster, and feature the "star cars," plus landmark downtown buildings. From left, the historic County Courthouse, the Chiquola Hotel, and City Hall (the latter two as they once looked). I keep them mounted on magnets on my 'fridge.

There's a short recap of the Tucker in a previous post, here. Scott is still doing the dash plaques (they also double, larger, as the poster art).

I really like your license plate and diecast car versions; those types of commemmoratives are always more fun to get and display.


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Skyking, Thanks for starting this thread. It got me to digging around in some boxes Dad had given me and so far have about 60 dash plaques that i need to mount. I have two spare rad shells that I could mount a board in and tape them on for display out in the garage. A good winter project.

Mine are not so much design art or mounted uniquely but they chronicle our participation with our local Car Club and other organized clubs since Dad seriously got involved in antique cars, which naturally brought me along into the fold.

What I'm posting is interesting in that since we live in Southern Ontario, Canada (right next to Detroit), our Club organized an annual event to invite the Detroit Chapter of the VMCCA over here. What is the interesting part is that for the two years I went with my 1958 Buick Special convertible, it was held on Bob-Lo Island Amusement Park, which has been closed now for some time. It was normally accessed by the Public by boat only and the only vehicles allowed were for supply and service. It was quite a sight to sit on the banks and watch the barge making many trips from the mainland loaded with many Model A's, Overland's, Studebaker's, Durant's to name just a few. Then... there was the Midway! What a great family experience indeed! Not only did we share fellowship with our common car interests but the public that was there that day got to see quite a collection of running antique cars. Nothing was brought over by trailer. The Detroit group drove them from home and back over the Ambassador Bridge.

So, while I have heard some say that the Dash Plaque is not that important to them, there is some history attached to them and the people that organized the events.


BCA# 35039




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I know this is about Dash Plaques but thought I'd share a picture of what the Island looks like today.


This is what is left of the once great Midway looking from the end of the Boat Dock covered Entrance way.


My Buick was parked at this very corner some 40 years ago......

Yes, back to dash plaques.


BCA# 35039

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One of my favorites....

Willys, Overland, Knight Registry National Meet - 1973.

Not only did we get the dash plaque but actually got to drive two laps around the track with all the other antique cars. They even gave out a paper card about 2" x 4" that Dad taped to the windshield for years that said: This car has successfully completed two laps on the Indianapolis 500 Track.

Sadly, the guy he had do the top and windshield frame was not an antique car guy and disposed of the card.



Looking "through the windshield" while coming up to the Finish Line. Great experience for an 18 year old!

Doug BCA# 35039

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Guest Skyking
Skyking, Thanks for starting this thread. It got me to digging around in some boxes Dad had given me and so far have about 60 dash plaques that i need to mount. I have two spare rad shells that I could mount a board in and tape them on for display out in the garage. A good winter project.


BCA# 35039

Doug, this is what got me started with this thread. In my back garage I have a second floor I use for my work shop and have some collectables displayed. I had some of the plaques mounted on cheap Masonite and wanted them on something better, so I bought a sheet of finished wall board and started gluing them to it.


The plaques you've shown are very interesting. Each one tells it's own story. There are times I've been to many shows without a camera and these plaques remind me of a particular show that I went to,

Each year at the Annual Das Awkscht Fescht show in Macungie, Pa. they feature a different Marque and place that car on the dash plaque. You are issued 1 per day for 3 days. One year they featured the Corvette........


Another year it was the Oakland..............


Another, the Falcon............


and then the T-Bird...........




Last year they featured the Crosley......


All the years I've been attending Macungie I've taken my Metropolitans. This year they are featuring the Buick and I already registered my '62 Invicta with them.............This show is my favorite of all.

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