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Can anyone identify the touring car in Our Gang - Honky Donkey?

Guest coldwar

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Packard,,,,1930,for sure,,,,,29had flat bumpers,,,31 had bigger hub caps,,29 had different steering wheel

Glint of shadow top of Packard headlamp says its a big 8,,series 740 or 745,,,,,probably a 740

Ford is brass Model T,,no front doors so its 1911 or earlier,,Cheers,,Ben

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No. It's a 1931 Packard Model 840 Touring. It's got the larger hub caps you mention. The steering wheels for 1929 and 1930 were almost identical, and had four spokes. The 1931 steering wheel had 3 spokes and was more art deco. The hood vent doors identify it as a big eight, as well as the headlights you mention.

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