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1949 Oldsmobile 98 Convertible- Two Owner Original Car That is Ready to Use and Enjoy!


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If you like a great car with a great story, this is it.

This 1949 Oldsmobile 98 Convertible was purchased by Gloria Peral of Massachusetts as a two year old, nearly new car in 1951. She obviously liked this top of the line Oldsmobile as she kept it for nearly 60 years!!!. Not only did she like this car, she used it regularly but carefully, always had the car serviced and repaired as needed, and never drove it far from the the small town in which she lived. Many years ago, she had the car carefully repainted its original metallic gray color and had the original tan top replaced with a black vinyl top. During her last decade of ownership, she embarked on a costly mechanical restoration of the vehicle including a 6,000.00 engine rebuild, new brakes, rebuilt front suspension, rebuilt electrical system including the starter, new exhaust and Coker bias-ply tires. She also had all of the hydraulics rebuilt so that the top, windows and seats would operate as new. Like most conscientious car owners, she kept all receipts, documents, bills and always purchased extra new parts "just in case" she might need them at a later date (these are included in the sale). In 2011, she decided that she was no longer able to care for or drive her beloved Oldsmobile and sold it to us. When we purchased the car, the original interior was too far gone to be usable or comfortable, so a completely new interior was installed using the original as a pattern. The car was inspected front to back, top to bottom and, was found in excellent overall condition. The 303 Rocket V-8 engine runs like new and has very few miles on it since the rebuild. The Hydramatic transmission shifts like new, the suspension and steering is tight and all of the electric and hydraulic components operate as they should. The body is rust and dent free and shows no signs of any damage or repair. The door, hood and trunk margins are excellent and even and the overall body fit is better than most show cars. The trunk is all original including the mat, the dash assembly is excellent including all of the gauges and controls. This two owner (three if you count us!) Oldsmobile is just a great old car. It has a great look and runs and drives like new and its ownership provenance is impeccable. A rare and desirable body style that is read to use and enjoy. Located near Jefferson, WI. Please call 734-730-4274 or email:
to schedule a viewing and test drive or for more photos and information. Thank you.

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Guest Joe_Varley

Nice Olds. If I were you I would remove that POS plastic fuel filter from the car. I have seen them crack, split and leak, causing a fire.

Good luck finding it a good home. You may want to advertise it in the OCA or NAOC monthly publications.

Joe Varley


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I can't afford cars in this price range but even before clicking on the link, I assumed a +$50,000 price because of what it represents. $33,000 is a bargain. Super rare, absent the troweled on chrome of the 50's and unnecessary styling, what a beautiful car. Can't restore one for $33,000, not even close, so this represents a bargain with the verified receipts of work already done.

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Joe- Thanks for the words of advice on the plastic gas filter. We were only using this temporarily to make sure there was no dirt in the fuel system (which there wasn't) and to watch the flow from the pump. It is gone now since we no longer need it!

BJM- Thanks for the nice comments about this car. It really is just a nice old car that runs and drives the way a car like this should.

Aestorrs-This wasn't the car in Lynchburg. The car came directly to us from the owner in Mass. Thanks for the inquiry.

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