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Vintage 1926 Seagrave Fire Engines!

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Hello to all, I am Jim Dent in Richmond, Kentucky 40475. I go by seagraves26. I am a brand new AACA Forum member. I just acquired two 87 years old fire rigs. One is a little Suburbanite 500 gpm pumper and the other is it's larger brother a Metropolitan 750 gpm. They are coming from Oregon and Oklahoma, respectively. I started out on this crazy ride back in the mid 60's when I bought my first fire rig, an identical Suburbanite. The smaller rig is not a basket case but it's not far removed from being one. The larger rig is in pretty darned good condition. These will be my last serious automotive projects, period. I'm running on empty in both time and health. I have a lot of valuable help already lined out but I'm sure that I will still have many questions as to where to find missing (many) original parts and specific (repair) services can be found. My first order of business is getting the trucks delivered. The orders are placed and supposedly worked out but so far no news from the carrier(s) exactly as to when this is all going to actually take place. My second order of business will be working on the smaller truck's motor. It is a Continental 6 B. I already know that I will need gaskets, particularly head gaskets (2). If anyone out there can help me locate the proper head gasket for a early model Continental 6 B engine I would be appreciative. Since I do not see a topic for trucks other than ambulances and the like I suppose I will keep all of my activity constrained to the General Discussion thread. Thanks to all and I am happy to be here. Jim Dent . 156 Hickory Meadows Drive . Richmond, Kentucky 40475 . 859 575.4444

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On the assumption you already follow the firetruck sites, a couple suggestions:

Another gasket place might be gasketstogo.com; they're also a sponsor on smokstak, a popular old-engine old-iron site; (Olson's is highly regarded in these old engine forums)...

The place to start for obsolete Cont'l engine hard parts, information, advice and/or sympathy (as the case my be) is often mentioned to be Garrad (Gerry/Jerry) Moon at Monte's in Chicago, obsolete Cont'l etc dealers;

garradmoon@montes@flash.net, or montesequipment.com...

Another place described as helpful with old Cont'ls is P A Ross Machinery, Dallas: parossmachinery.com

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Hi Jim,

Be sure to chek the SPAAMFAA web site (there's a link to the site in my signature). I would suggest 2 things once you get to the site - the first one is join SPAAMFAA and the second is to place a free ad on their web site for any parts or information you may need. Good luck on your restorations.


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