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.......made a car collector........


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And on the 9th day God looked down and said "they need transportation", so he made automobile factories, and on the 10th day he looked down again and said "I need someone to take care of those fine automobiles when they're more than twenty five years old". So, God made a car collector!

God said, "I need somebody to get up before dawn at Hershey, and walk the fields all morning, eat French fries and crab cakes for lunch, and walk the fields all afternoon, then go to the auction or talent show or museum meeting until the late hours, then wake up and do it again the next day". So, God made a car collector!

"I need someone with strong arms. Strong enough to lift a fender, yet gentle enough to place the smallest of nuts on the smallest of bolts. Somebody to call parts suppliers, tame cantankerous machinery, quit working on his project when friends or other car collectors come to call, and tell them to be sure to come back real soon....and mean it". So, God made a car collector!

God said "I need somebody that can shape a chrome trim piece, mount car tires using plastic bags and soap. And...who, during touring and show season, will finish his tiring trips with long hours behind the wheel. Then, pain'n from "old car back", will do it again the next week or the next month". So, God made a car collector!

God had to have somebody willing to quickly put up the folding top ahead of the rain clouds, and yet stop at any time and race to help when he sees smoke from a friends car. So, God made a car collector!

God said, "I need somebody strong enough to move frames, heave wheels and yet gentle enough to adjust points and connect wires and detail nameplates....and who will stop his restoration efforts for any length of time to help a fellow enthusiast". So, God made a Car Collector!

It had to be somebody who'd sew straight and even...and not cut corners unless they needed cutting. Somebody to sand and prime and paint and sand and paint and sand and buff and polish. Somebody to pay the hard bills of chrome and radiator and engine repair. Somebody who'd put a car together with the strong bonds of bolts and screws and studs and nuts and glue and stitching, who'd laugh and then sigh...and then respond with smiling eyes, when his son says he wants to spend his life "doing what Dad does". So, God made a car collector!

(with apologies to both Paul Harvey and the real, unknown, author of "God made a farmer"......)

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Very good, David. But... you forgot about the part where this person needs to work an 8-12 hour day, have dinner with his family, help with the clean-up of the kitchen before he spends the rest of the evening lying with his back pressed against the cold hard ground with a transmission resting on his chest as he figures out how to hold it up with one arm and bolt it in with the other.

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Very true, West....it could have many more paragraphs, including such things as a wife picking up a brand new white towel out of the dirty clothes hamper, and seeing the smear of 1938 Packard engine grease that accidently was on the hubby at some point, was somehow transferred to, and which may have ruined, the towel.....and somewhat of toleration, but a fine line....so, God made a car collector's wife......

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Amen to the "Car Collector's Wife".....

and after nearly 44 years, she still:

puts up with me,

hands me a wrench,

helps bleed the brakes,

drives the early cars as well as any "car-guy"

is a great Tour Navigator (much better than me),

solve problems when I fail to see the "Big Picture",

Judges at AACA Meets,

loves the old cars,

loves the old-car people,

kept me from "killing" the kids when they cleaned up the "dirty exhaust" with the garden hose,

.....and for our very first Valentine's Day in 1970, all she wanted was a set of AIR TRUMPETS for her daily driver;

What a Gal !!

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