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2013 NAAP-Attention Editors!

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Editors! The 2013 NAAP will be under way before we know it. I have already had a couple of questions about where to mail the publications so they can be evaluated. Of course, as most of you know, we do encourage editors to e-mail their publications to their members when possible to keep postage costs down. We have been asked if that is possible for the NAAP scoring teams, but the answer is no. Can you imagine trying to score 60-80 publications each month while downloading and filing through the 8-12 page newsletters for scoring values? Yes, it would be a terrible task. So, we expect your publications to be mailed to the scoring team that is assigned to your division. How do you know that, you may ask?

Each year headquarters mails a registration form to the editor noted on your region/chapter Officers Reporting Form (ORF) to register for the NAAP. If an editor is not assigned, then the form will be mailed to the president of your region/chapter. Along with this form there will be a letter denoting the addresses of the NAAP scoring team that will score your publications. Please be sure to make a note of these addresses, as the team may change from year to year. We have some former team members that still receive newsletters even though they have not been on a scoring team for years.

The registration form needs to be returned to Headquarters and a copy sent to the VP of Publications. We keep a record of the registration forms that are returned. I have had a couple AACA members that are wondering why they did not receive a publication award this year. In the majority of cases, it is because scoring team members did not receive newsletters from your region or chapter. Maybe as editor, you have some other club member responsible for posting your publication? You need to make sure your publications are being mailed to the correct committee member. In any case, we must have all committee members listed on the publication receive your newsletter. We must have 3 scoring members to make sure there is an accurate average of scoring.

Newsletters are the most important part of an active region/chapter. Communication between AACA members is imperative to promote a strong region or chapter. Good luck this year with your publications.

Wayne Burgess

VP Publications

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