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Does any one know a source


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Curti, Contact Eric Harrtz in Massachusetts. Either thru phone 987-264-2600 or on line at www.harrtz.com. He is a dedicated enthusist and very knowledgable about the hobby, plus his family has been in the top and fabric business for over 100 years. If he doesn't have it and it is available, he will know where. This should help you.---Bob

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Another thing I'm having trouble finding in the top department, is the edge welt that goes around the top insert. The original steel welt

is long gone on the 33 Buick and I can't find the aluminum strip type that takes the snap on welt. I think it was popular with the 70's and 80's cars to trim the vinyl tops. Any ideas? Who sells it? PaulDobbin@aol.com

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