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1932 plymouth pb fenders

Guest gricegear

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Guest gricegear

Does anyone know if the rear fenders from any other year/model from early mopars are the same as the 32 plymouth pb models? The ones on my car I don't believe are the correct ones to start with minus the rot. I have the inner fender supports for the steps since its a rumble seat, but no markings or anything what-so ever on the metal to show that steps were once there? If you know of anyone with rear fenders that work and are wanting to sell, please let me know, thanks, Nate

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I have had my PB coupe for over 50 years and am currently rebuilding a PB roadster. All the fenders, front and rear, are unique to the Model PB. They're not interchangeable with anything else. Also, the rear fenders come in a couple of different versions, depending on the body style. The closed cars and the convertible coupe were built in the Briggs body plant and are all steel with the exception of the top bows. The roadsters and phaetons were built by Chrysler in the old Maxwell body works and have lots of wood supporting the body. None of the body panels except the hood and front fenders are interchangeable. You can see some of the details, including some details about those step supports on my Web site, https://sites.google.com/site/hotrodroadster/

Good luck finding fenders!

Bob Mead

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Hi, my name is mel matheson, I also have a 1932 Plymouth BP. My fenders were junk and i looked and looked for replacement fenders with no option but fiberglass, and that was not what i wonted at all.

So i decided to try making a set. I bough equipment, training manual, tapes, and stared rolling metal in my new english wheel. To make long story short the third set was car show quality. . If you are still looking for a set of fenders I can send you photos. the price is $1800.00 a set plus fright.

The finders are made of 18 Ga cold rolled steel, jig set fully equipped with the same bracing and mounting holes as the originals for easy installation, support wire rolled in the fender reveal.

Also available, If you would like to accommodate larger tires, just let know, I made my jig with ability to adjust up to 3" extra width at no charge.

The best on luck to you. Mel

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I'm making set's of steel fenders for 1932 Plymouth because I was not able to find new or used anywhere. My fenders are made of 20 Ga steel hand crafted and jig set.

I have a set in the final process and will put them on the market next week for $1,200.00, take a look at the last set I made and see if your interested.

The best of luck to you Mel Matheson.


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