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Can You Pick A Favorite?


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Beautiful cars, very nicely photographed.

I remember seeing that "1947 Rolls-Royce Phantom III Labourdette Vutotal Cabriolet" at Hershey a couple of years ago--I'll have see if I can track down a couple of photos of it I took...

EDIT: Found 'em, from Hershey 2010. Whatta car--even casts a magnificent shadow. Wonder if it got a slight bit dusty that day...



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I think they are all Expen$ively Ugly.... :eek:.... Dahhooo,.... Just fooling. Ouch! I just bit my tounge... :P

I did notice that photo 2, the Marmon Speedster is mis-labled as it is a touring car. I cannot honestly pick any single one that would be a good companion for the Chartruce Lady. She is simply too much of a Snob to keep such low company. ;) Dandy Dave!

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