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2012 Master Editor Winners

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Congratulations to all of the Master Editor Winners for 2012!

28 total 2012 Master Editor Awards

1. 2012

Gladys K. Guyer

Vapor Locks

Allegheny Mountain Region

2. 2012

Judy L. Edwards

On the Road, Again!

Brass-Nickel Touring Region

3. 2012

Frances D. Shore

Buzzard Droppings

Buzzard's Breath Touring Region

4. 2012

Judy L. Edwards

Buzzard Droppings

Buzzard's Breath Touring Region

5. 2012

James & Sharon Claire


Chemung Valley Region

6. 2012

William E. DeVore

The Brass Lamp

Genesee Valley Antique Car Society Region

7. 2012

John E. Sayler, Jr.

The Gas Buggy Gazette

Gettysburg Region

8. 2012

Dawn Dreibus

The High Beam

Great Smoky Mountains Region

9. 2012

Keith W.Gramlich

Greater New York Region Newsletter

Greater New York Region

10. 2012

Julia Sharon

The Antique Expression

Gulf Coast Region

11. 2012

Timothy M. Emerich

Chuck Wagon News

Hershey Region

12. 2012

Brooke Davis

Members' Parade

Hornets Nest Region

13. 2012

William D. Clark

Antique Auto News

Iroquois Region

14. 2012

John B. Brown

The Sidelight

Kyana Region

15. 2012

Muriel Slade

The Backfire

Laurel Highlands Region

16. 2012

Donna Dirnberger

Northern Lights

Minnesota Region

17. 2012

Kim M. Gardner

The Chatter

Capital City Chapter, Minnesota Region

18. 2012

Kay & James S. Scott

The Autograf

Mississippi Valley Region

19. 2012

Marcia Snellen

Spoke Folks

North Alabama Region

20. 2012

Fred H. Lewis

Vintage Voice

Oakland-Pontiac Worldwide Region

21. 2012

Kathleen Haynes

Blue Smoke

Peconic Bay Region

22. 2012

Carol E. Heide

Upton Motor News

Pennsylvania Dutch Region

23. 2012

Van Webster

Upton Motor News

Pennsylvania Dutch Region

24. 2012

Virginia Myers

Piston Popper

Sugarloaf Mountain Region

25. 2012

James Rentz


The Villages Region

26. 2012

Martha & Neil S. Sugermeyer

The Mud Flap

Tidewater Region

27. 2012

Paul J. Noller

Owner’s Manual

Venice Region

28. 2012

Sandra L. Flynn

Wayne-Pike Update

Wayne-Pike Region

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