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So how hard to come by are the 46-48 Flxible hearses?

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I have a dream to some day own one of these beautiful monsters. I chased down a lead locally only to find out it had been scrapped 12 years ago. I just wondering if anyone has production numbers and maybe knows how often they pop up for sale and usual going price. Also feel free to post any of the pics you may have of ones from 46-48 in any shape. As I will use them for future restoration purposes.

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.....Also feel free to post any of the pics you may have of ones from 46-48 in any shape.....

There was one running around the Twin Cities Area here in Minnesota back in the 1980's-1990's. David Willard (former BCA Member) out of Forest Lake, Minnesota at the time owned it and I knew he was trying to sell it later on. Try to GOOGLE his name for contact info. Maybe he is still around and owns it. I don't know. PM me if you can't find any info and want to pursue it.

Good luck.

Al Malachowski

BCA #8965

"500 Miles West of Flint"


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I'm looking for one like this, I would like to know if all that trim is factory or custom. This was on jalopyjournal.com for $1200 but it was in NY and the shipping costs would have been outrageous. I had the cash for the car but not the shipping.





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All the trim on the car you've shown, 48buickkid, was offered by Flxible. I have the large book that was published about the Flxible professional cars, and there are photographs of Flxible-Buicks having the trim shown in the photos.

There was a green '48 Flxible-Buick ambulance that was offered for a long period of time in the Portland, Oregon area, but I have not seen the ads for some time.

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The book is "Flxible Professional Vehicles: The Complete History" by Thomas A. McPherson, and it is comprised primarily of wonderful publicity photos showing many of the variants that Flxible produced on Buick chassis over the years.

Here's a '42 Flxible Buick with some of the trim like you've shown in your image above:


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