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Riviera steering wheel on a reatta


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Hi All, I picked up a wood and leather steering wheel option W-15 from an 85 Riviera (description from a posting by BJM 2 yrs ago). It was originally gray but I have dyed it to come close to my blue interior. I have also swapped out the the center horn emblem. The problem is the horn connection, I have obtained a knob connector( gm part 474102) to the flat plate that connects to the horn button, the small rod and spring are to short (it's from a corvette) anybody know if they make a longer one or is it fabrication time? Thanks





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1 hour ago, DAVES89 said:

I just sent a picture of a wheel I found in Tulsa. The yards name is EastWest auto Parts. The owner is Ken. He wants $150.00 for it. I might have gone for it but had just bought one for the Red from Ebay.


It is a "T Style" steering wheel from a 1979-1985 Riviera. It will fit our cars



watts 800-447-2886
local 918-832-7077
fax 918-832-7900
fax 918-832-7900
Riviera Steering Wheel.JPG
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I was parked next to this wheel at a Cruise-In Saturday. I like it and the car it was attached to - one of my dream cars. The selector switch  on the lower right is set to the "Race" position.


I'll bet that steering wheel is worth more than my Reatta.







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