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Trailer Brake Controller

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If you have a local RV/Travel Trailer dealer, go to them and they will have a good reliable version in stock. They install a lot of these so they make sure that the ones that they sell are reliable. I have had my local RV dealer install one and I have installed one myself. Some installations are easy and some are more of a pain. In the future, if I ever need another one installed, I will let them install it. Maybe a pain in the wallet, but much easier on your back.

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Hi Bill,

Take a look at the PRODIGY ... TEKONSHA

I've used their stuff for years...excellent products....no problems.....easy installation....buy the unit...they tell you which cord matches your truck.....

PLUG and PLAY.....all electronic....great adjustability to vary braking force dependin upon the load you are carrying (Loaded vs empty...Packard vs Model-T)

Easy to install yourself.........Even I can do it !!

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Your truck is pre-wired for the tow-package,

all you have to do is mount the controller at a convenient location,

and run the "plug 'n play" connector to the fuse box (Dash, lower-left)...

no splicing, no errors --- simple,

good luck

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How did you make out on the controller and the 10GA cable that runs back to the connector.

Did it all go well?

With my Excursion, the owners' manual showed everything as being pre-wired, so I bught the controller and the dealer had the connector from it to the fuse box.

See you at Charlotte?

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