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90 conv.

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I am looking at a 90 white conv. with 90000 mi. in average condition. He is open to offers. Can any one give me a ball park figure on what it is worth. Thanks Bill

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With that mileage and your noting it as "average" then the ballpark is $3000 to $5500 BUT you leave out a lot of details. 90,000 miles ridden hard is a lot different from 90,000 with regular maintenance.

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Average condition, at 90k, if you can pick it up under $7k you have yourself a winner.

If you would pay $7K for a convertible in average condition, I have a bridge you would be interested in. :)

Bryan is on target. From what we know, $5,000 would be as high as I'd go (and what street price has been dictating).

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