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Help with the throttle linkage on a 1965 Rambler American 440

Guest goathouse

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Guest goathouse

Hello all,

This noob needs help with his throttle linkage. The other day I lost almost all resistance in my gas pedal, and also lost all ability to accelerate past perhaps 25 mph. I limped the car home and took a look under the hood. The control arm from the gas pedal reaches forward in the engine bay until it ends in a sort of flat metal flange with a slot cut into it. An arm of the rest of the linkage travels in that slot, and by depressing the gas pedal the flange moves the linkage. Now...there seems to be a lot of play between the flange and the rest of the linkage. By depressing the gas pedal the flange moves almost to the end of its travel before it engages the rest of the linkage. That's what's causing the loss of acceleration. Moving the linkage manually revved the engine just fine.

Looking at the flange on the end of the gas pedal arm, it occurred to me that there should be some sort of adjuster on the flange or in the travel slot - at least some way of adjusting the travel. So did something just fall off/out of that flange? Or did something else happen? I'm thinking that I could get a smallish smooth-headed allen bolt and nut, and tighten that through the slot in the flange. That might serve as an adjustment point. But before I do that I'm wanting to get input.

Any and all wisdom is welcome. Would a photo help?

Thanks in advance,

John G.

Oakland, CA

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