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You Be The Judge!-Seminar

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I have been associated with AACA Publications for years now, and every year at the Annual Meeting in Philly the Publications Committee has put on a Publications Seminar. I always felt that we needed new material each year to keep our members coming back. I had almost run out of ideas when I heard about Board member Steve Renaldo's AACA's Worse Judging Team a while ago.

So, just for fun, I present the Red Neck Region's Newsletter from our seminar this year! If you would like to make a game out of it, just read the newsletter through and denote the pages that you see problems in and explain how you would correct them. The first correction I heard in the seminar was from John Brown of the Kyanna Region speaking about my inside front page error. All of the seminar attendees seemed to have a great time. Also please be aware that Judy Edwards of North Carolina gave an excellent explanation of decreasing web based newsletters downloads to help those members with slow internet speeds.



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Come on guys. I know you noticed something that wasn't right?

Let me tell you about John Brown. When the sample newsletter second page came up with the regional officers names, John spoke up and asked me how come the Duryea logo in the back ground was crooked. He actually asked me if I had been in one of the hospitality suites upstairs when I inserted it. I had to explain to John that yes I do, in fact, attend the J C Taylor and AACA Suites to "support" them. ;)

But, the actually reason was to get that Duryea moving at top speed. You see, even slow single cylinder cars will go like the dickens while going downhill out of gear. (Kids do not try this at home!)

See, even annual meeting seminars do not have to be boring.;)

By the way, check out new Board member, Reed Majors' seminars, to see how a person can make a judging school interesting. You're the man, Reed!


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