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Chrome Tail Pipe


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The original Reatta tailpipe was stainless. I polished mine years back and it still looks good today.

It takes some effort, sand off the original black paint and progressively use finer sand paper then polish. Depending on your dedication, you can almost make it look like chrome.

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I would like to buy one of those twin exhaust tips I see in a lot of the clubs pictures. My tail pipe is solid and I would like to get the old rusted tip cut off and get a new one welded on. Where is the best and how many choice are there?

The factory mufflers were one pipe in and two pipes out. They were also painted black - unless you were Frank Sinatra Jr.

Sounds like your muffler was replaced with a one in/one out. You could replace it with something like a Walker #18240 - which has a 2-1/4" input pipe and two 2" output pipes like the original, though it isn't stainless. Then have the muffler shop weld chrome tips to the pipes.

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