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1963 buick riviera carburetor

Guest Robert Ricci

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Buick came out with the 325 hp 401 in 1959 but you started the '59 and maybe the '60 by stepping on the accelerator pedal, not turning the key. After that year I would think that any Carter AFB or Rochester 4GC designated for a Buick up through 1963 should work. In '64 Buick went to the TH400 transmisson and gave up the mechanical kickdown in favor of an electrical unit. So any Buick carb 1960 - 1963 will work on your '63 Riviera. It might not be numbers matching but it will work.

If you know the carb number you want, call Jon at The Carburetor Shop in Eldon, MO. He has quite an inventory of carburetors. THE CARBURETOR SHOP


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Used to do kind of the same kind of thing with my Wonderbar radio. I'd tell a passenger to snap his fingers and point at the radio to change the station. Wah-lah a new statioin. I'd be operating the remote foot control. Especially impressive to my daughter's young friends. 11 - 12 year olds can be so gullible.

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OK Riviera People: When we were kids we watched My Favorite Martian. There was a neighborhood kid just ripe for picking so I told him I was a Martian. Prove it, he says. OK. I got behind a 65 Cadillac, my friend turned on the radio and that was it. When the kid saw that antenna come up....I guess you had to be there. Mitch

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