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Wire Wheel Finish?


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Has anyone ever powder coated a set of wire wheels? I'm trying to decide on paint or powder coat for the (welded) wire wheels on my 1932 Dodge DL. I was wondering if the powder coat could get into all the nooks and crannies that a wire wheel would have. I've often heard that sometimes it's hard to get complete coverage in objects with deep recesses and odd angles. The car will be a driver, not a show car, so I'm looking for looks and durability. Thanks for any advice or suggestions.

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The object to be powder coated is charged with static electricity which draws the airborne powder to all areas that are not already insulated by a coating of powder.

Also, powder coat is supposed to be harder and more durable than paint.

Maybe you should show a wheel to your local powder coat guy and see what he thinks.

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The wire wheels on my '31 DB were powdercoated by the previous owner of the car. He worked at a powdercoating shop. The coating came out beautifully and it covered all of the worrisome areas. The only issue that I had was getting a flat tire every day. It took a week to find the culprit. Turns out that when the guy did the work, he wrapped a wire around the only place he could to suspend the wheels...the inner rim. I finally figured out that when he coated the wheel and the suspension wire, it bonded the wire to the wheel. When he detached the wire, it left a jagged edge all around the inner rim. It ended up poking holes in the inner tube liner and inner tube. I simply filed the jagged edge down all around the wheel and never any troubles with them again. The little bit of rust you see on the wheel is from the rusty inner hubcap base. I thought your car would have come with adjustable wire wheels, not welded. Got a photo of one?

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