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Haudaille Shocks Manual for Zephyrs, Fords. Continentals, Mercurys


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Have you ever seen this web site for our Zephyr Haudaille shocks? Very nice scans of a 42 page manual. I found it discussed on another forum, but I don't remember seeing it here and it may be helpful to some others. These shocks are more complicated inside than I expected! I understand the company is still in business, but no longer making shocks. Paul (Haudaille shock absorbers- The Old Car Manual Project)

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The 36-48 Master Lincoln Chassis Parts Book list for 46-40 Lincolns a 5EH number for those years, so there is a difference. The shock bodies appear to be almost the same, I believe the arm length is the difference. Only a shock absorber rebuilded should be able to sort out the difference. There was an article in TWOZ in 1985 concerning shocks by the then club technical advisor Paul Clancy. He showed that prewar and post war shock bodies were almost the same size, but the shocks had different arms with different numbers. The weight of the prewar car versis postwar probably caused the different shocks . Post war shocks used arm #F917 for the front and F919 for the rears. If your shocks have those numbers you should be okay. If in doubt, check with a rebuilder.

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