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'64 Riv electrical feed to power rear windows


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I could use a review by experts on this forum to ensure I'm on the right track.

My '64 power rear windows operate fine from the driver's controls. However, they don't operate from either back seat control (driver's side or passenger's). I've verified that they are not getting power from the flat ribbon cable that runs under the driver's side carpet.

I've researched the issue and I believe I found the answer in my Fisher body manual. Is this the culprit in the attached photo? post-85697-143141746827_thumb.jpg It is located behind the driver's side kick panel.

Also, is this the correct replacement part? 1963-1971 Riviera - Circuit Breaker, Power Accessory bracket mount | OPGI.com

I just want to ensure I'm diagnosing this correctly and that I've identified the correct replacement item before I part with my money. Any advice from others with experience is most welcome.

Thanks in advance.

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That is the correct circuit breaker for getting 12V to the power windows. However, if the rear windows work from the front, the circuit breaker is not your problem. That circuit breaker gets 12V directly (BAT) from the back of the fuse panel via a large gauge wire. If the seats and any of the windows work at all, the circuit breaker is good.

If the motors are getting power from the front switch, the 12V is traveling the same circuit as they would get from the rear switch. There's a separate wiring diagram for the windows and seats that is not show on the main wiring diagram. See if you can find one and check the circuitry. Have you tried a jumper wire in lieu of the actual switches? Where in the harness did you come up with the flat wire problem? I know that this doesn't help much, but it's complicated system to explain without a diagram.


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Guest Rivrunner

Worked on the rear windows on my 64 this weekend. The switches at the back seat were not working. But the windows would run from drivers side. I lubricated the rear switches with LPS 1 electrical spray and they both started working. Most likely the switches are corroded and or worn badly. I would suppose that the rear switches should be replaced. While I was there I lubricated the window channels and gears with light grease and for now they are working fine. May give it a try.

The feed wire from the circuit breaker is red to all the switches I believe. At the switches to the motor Left and Right rear up is gray, down is violet. Left front up is black, down is white. Right front up is yellow, down is light green.

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