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What is the best Parts/Interchange Book for '39 Buick?


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I need to buy a Parts/Interchange book for 1939 Buick - can anyone suggest the best one and where to locate it? I have looked at Bishko Boooks, Bob's, CARS and a few other sites on-line, but can't tell enough about them to know what's good and what's a waste of money.


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Not much in way of interchange I am aware of: search for Hollands on ebay

For parts the 1928 - 1941 Buick Master Chassis parts is easily obtainable, including reprints and/or CD

I also have a 1928 - 1952 Buick Master Chassis parts book and look in both when checking part numbers [some part numbers change from the 1928-41).

However a parts book 4-5 years after end your model year is best, as will have fast moving spares, and before its just an old car with a low value.

So 1939+5+3 (for no WW2 production) = 1947. No idea if a late 40's Master Chassis parts book was published

There is also the Master Body parts book that is a companion to the chassis book.

The 1942 Shop Manual is by far the best shop manual I have. In the main very applicable for '39's.

1938 & 1939 supplement shop manual are next to useless.

You can download the 1952 Shop manual from Team Buick Reference. OK but not as good as the 1942

Google 1942 Buick Shop Manual

Looks OK for the money: http://www.ebay.com/itm/1942-Buick-SHOP-Manual-Special-Century-Roadmaster-Limited-Series-40-50-60-70-90-/221057177952

Reprint (and supports the Buick cause) : http://www.buickheritagealliance.org/archives/details/552

This is interesting, but not essential:- 1939 Buick Parts and Service Bulletins



1948-49 Shop manual can be downloaded from http://www.oldcarmanualproject.com

And other interesting literature

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Contakt this seller, he seems to have had those Buick books for a long time,give him an offer for 2 books Chassies and Body you need both of those books better than an Intechange book in my opinion.

I have intechange book for my 1956 Buick but havent used it many times.`Not much will fit from other cars,not even GM cars.

Leif in Sweden.

buick 1928 from ushjrg | eBay

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