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Valentine's Day


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Happy Valentines everybody. Just a reminder tell somebody you love how you feel. But remember Hallmark cards are very expensive and there made in China. So I suggest you go to the dollar store, general dollar, are you grocery store. Most cards are two for a dollar and their made in America. So save a American his job and have a great Valentine's Day.

Have a great Buick day


Now I have to go outside and shovel the 78° sunshine in Florida

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You scared the hell out of me! Valentine's Day is my wedding anniversary! Married on Valentine's Day; I have Buick's and a tall blonde hippie to wash them! It's the 14th, phew!


We just ride around singing:


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We are getting closer to February 14th, I'm safe. We are actually celebrating our anniversary by driving the 20 miles into Rochester and heading for one of the HVAC and plumbing contractor lunch hot spots.

For the sharp eyed, that '39 I owned in 1974 was a series 40. The car was shipped from Wisconsin with its original dual side mounts. The person I bought the car from swapped the DSM front clip to his black '39 4 door convertible and I bought the sedan for $1,000 running and driving. My series 40 also had stream boards and one other interesting touch. See it in the picture?

The car pictured developed a knock in the engine. I was 26 at the time and gathered a lot of new engine parts. Then decided a Buick 350 would be better. In 1978 I bought a 1960 Ford pickup in Tennessee and that engine developed a knock. The '39 was sitting with the unfinished 350 swap. I put the 350 Buick in the Ford, my first adult engine swap.

I sold the '39 with no engine to Bill Manoya and he restored it. As far as I know it is still out there.


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