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So here is my 47 special project.

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Well it finally arrived last friday, I've been trying to get this car off the same guy I bought my old 48 roadmaster from for 2 years. It came with a trailer load of roadmaster parts too(trim,motor,trans,rear end,front a arms with brakes, and a ton of misc stuff). I even got a good title with this one;). Its gonna be a lot of work but when im finished she will be one slick ride. I have the front bumper, but no grill or head light rings. Someone put covers on the seats close to when it was new so they are actually in good shape. If anyone has leads on the missing parts let me know( I could really use the front and rear driver side fenders). Thanks let me know what you guys think.











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KIDWITHBUICK, don't rule out shipping from a "foreign" country - Fedex knows no boundaries. It's easy to estimate prices on the couriers' websites and a quick phone call will confirm what you find. You do need some idea of dimensions and weight, of course.

Anyway, you've GOT to get a Buick grille on this car fast. It's showing its Chevrolet Fisher Body roots too boldly!

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Progress is progress, funds are tight right now so I wanted to do something with Buick. I had these roller rims and tires laying around and decided they would look better and make the car easier to move than the 4 flat tires it was on. I plan on going back to the originals but I have to track down 2 more good ones. Anyways I think the car looked so much better with these I took some pics. Sadly the pics also show how bad the driver side is eaten up, both rear fender mounting areas and inner fenders behind them will need attention as will the rockers. I may have picked a really rusty car but it's better than most in the area and I've seen some really good things done with worse. I've also been letting the stuck cylinders soak in a concoction of various penetrating and automotive fluids. I think I'm gonna check every week and refill then in a couple of months try really hard to get her free. If not I will pull the head and see what is going on till then I'm watching all the other projects being built! Thanks for the inspiration! Thank you to everyone who offered up parts to get this project going and I will buy as funds allow.







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