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Late 20's early 30's Potter Trunk for sale

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Hi guy's I have lots of old parts around, brought this out yesterday and before listing it on ebay I thought I'd try some Antique Car Forums first, as I used to be a member of a few myself. I am getting out of the hobby and have a tall locker and some shelves full of old parts etc. 1930 era Chevy Wire Rims, set of 4...$30 each, 31 Olds, power side, axel shaft, still new in the GM Cardboard Tube wrapper.....$125 Tons of NYS PAirs of early Licence Plates...Etc.

Here's a Black Potters Manufacturing Company Trunk 32"w 16"d 18"h, it is a 7.5 or 8 out of 10 condidition, I can ship this UPS at whatever the actual cost is, I would guess around $40 anywhere in the lower 48... perhaps more out west? actual shipping costs as close as possible, I don't try make money on that....



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This trunk is still available. I want to pay my monthly cable/tele/net bill. it is $143.00 this month. I'll sell this for this amount. Seems like a real fair price for an 80 year old automobile trunk in this condition.

I have more photo's of this so you know what your buying. I has a dent on the front bottom, should be an easy fix, paint is fair but should be sanded off and redone. Again easily done... Good thing is the Chrome/hinges/latches are all good enough to leave like they are, and the leather handles are in really good shape. Inside still has the original thin plywood, I see no holes drilled in the bottom so it must never have been mounted on a car.

If your close enough to come get this, your of course welcome to do so. can save the UPS shipping.

I live in Northville NY 12134 In the Adirondacks.


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