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Chrysler Hemi Engine number IND20-1502 - need Help

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We are currently working on a 1947 Lincoln Series 76H 2-Door Convertible Coupe and it has the following engine in it, Engine number IND20-1502

(we think it is a Chrysler Hemi.) Could anyone give us any information on this engine or point me in a direction of were we might be able to find some information.

Thank you


Placerville, California


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Guest Bob Call

The Chrysler Model 20 is basically the same as the 51 thru 53 passenger car engine of 331 cubic inches, rated at about 135 HP. It is he least desirable of the first generation hemis. It has heads with small valves and ports and an extended bellhousing that is intergal to the block. This bellhousing limits the number of transmission adapters available. Here is a link to a page with first generation hemi specs.

Chrysler Corporation Early Hemi Engines

If you replace the engine with a Lincoln and want to sell the hemi, go to www.hothemiheads.com. This is a company that sells all parts for the first generation hemis and they have a buy and sell page (Swap Meet) and question and answer page (Tech Talk).

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