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Does anyone recognize this car, maybe knows who the owner is

Guest 1930

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I guess this is why I still have the cars I do because I would hate to see a complete car, with no rust, go the way of the rodders. I imagine that when my time gets here to pass on, my cars will most likely be sold and I am sure some of them will wind up like this but at least I won't see it happen. I have nothing against building a rod from a car that is too far gone to restore but I hate to see a nice complete car go like that. I am trying to get some of my Grandkids interested in them in hopes they will continute to keep them original, I hope it works.

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Unfortunately, I think that this is it. And after doing this, the guy re-sold it, so it wasn't even done to please himself. Damn shame. I found these photos on Google. Must be the same car....same paint job....same rearview mirrors.




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The car had at least a partial very nice tool-kit which meant that most likely the car was as nice and complete as the original picture led me to believe, that is a shame, if anyone knows the current owners contact info I would like to contact him still to see if the tools are with the car.

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