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1935 Plymouth Bus. Cpe. Universal Joints

Guest gandalf

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Guest gandalf

I have a 1935 Plymouth Bus. Cpe..I am unable to press the joint pin out of the

universal joints ?? On newer type u-joints I just use a vise and sockets to

press the old joint out and new one in, but for some reason that I cant figure

out It will not move ?? Is there anyone that has replaced these U-Joints

and could give me some insight

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As long as the housing and the pin aren't worn, you can often just replace the rollers, balls, boot, etc. leaving the pin in place.

To remove the pin you will need, as Owen_Dyneto states, a hydraulic press. And when you put the new one in, it needs to be centered to within .006 inch according to the factory service manual. I've just had a machine shop to the work for me the couple of times I've needed it done.

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