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Pros and cons of the new classic series of hollander interchange mauals.

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I'm just wondering if the newer series of classic hollander interchange manuals(1930s-46 and 42?-56 and maybe some of the 60s ones) are any good. The old ones seem to be priceless for information just wondering if these are the same or if they have had stuff cut out? Also do they cover strictly mechanical or body/trim/ and other parts as well? Thanks

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I'm not sure what you mean by newer series. I have two Hollanders. One, I'm not home so I can't tel you the edition number but it is about 20th, which covers from 1941 thru 1953? The other is about edition 27th or 28th and covers 1950 thru 1961. Each goes back a little further if a part is the same for say 1938 thur 1942 it will be in 41 thru 53 book as 38 thru 42. Each book is divided into 11 sections:

1. General Information

2. Engine

3. Electrical

4. Wheel, Hub & Brake

5. Springs & Shocks

6.Steering & Suspension

7. Axle & Drive Shaft

8. Cooling & Fuel & Exh.

9. Body Parts

10. Bearings 11. Clutch & Transmission

So if you have a 1939 car for example I would try to find Hollanders that cover at least 5 years on either side of 1939.

Looks like in later years, mid to late 60's and later, Hollander began to publish specialized books like wheel covers, etc.

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While I haven't seen the "classic series", I assume they are just reprints of the older manuals. I have a 1964-74 set and the one thing I've found repeatedly is that Hollander is overly conservative on what fits. For example, Hollander shows that only 1970-72 Cutlass disc brake spindles interchange. I know from firsthand experience that ALL 64-72 A-body spindles interchange. Hollander isn't wrong, but they are overly conservative.

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