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Want to buy or borrow center section exh manifold 320cid strt 8


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Hi guys,

I am looking for a center section of the exhaust manifold for a 1940 Buick 320cid engine

Part number is 1394846 and it is the part that the front and rear sections slip into.

I'll take one that is broken /cracked or otherwise no good.

The purpose is to reverse engineer this casting for reproduction.

I have a good front section P/N 1288764 and the rear section P/N 1288765 is a mirror image, so all my foundry needs is the center piece to take some measurements from.

My understanding is that this exhaust manifold is common to most 38-53 big engined Buicks, with 2 carb '41's the exception, and that there is a need out there for an accurate reproduction, cast in "modern alloys".

If you have a center section that you could part with (in any shape) or loan out for a while, please respond here or PM me.


Mike in Colorado

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