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'38 Special - lower window run channel


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Has anyone replaced the lower run channel in the doors of a '38? There is one type in the front of the door, it is rigid, and rivets into it's holder. The holder then mounts inside the door - no problem.

The rear of the door has a stamped steel channel, into which slides a rubber run channel, covered in a flocking material.

Has anyone replaced this rear run channel, and if so, where did you get it? Since the original measured just less than 9/16 across the gap that the window rides in, I purchased the 9/16 choice from Bob's. Way too big to fit into the door. So, does the 5/16 choice fit? Bob can't tell me much about it, Steele has a sample available - but I am hoping for a quick answer so I can cancel my order with Bob. CARs sent me an unflocked channel that may work, if I can add the flocking. Their website and catalog don't quite agree on this!

All good and helpful sources, by the way. But, they can't be experts on everything!

Going broke trying to find a solution!


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Guest Grant Magrath

Sorry Jeff, which piece? The metal bit the channel sits in and attaches to the door? Or the channel itself? Plenty of other places to get channeling if you have a sample. You could squeeze it closer together, since it's quite pliable.



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It's the run channel toward the rear of the door, not the one toward the front, beneath the vent window divider.

Anyway, since my posting, I have had some great conversation with Steele, and some useful e-mail exchanges with Bob, and I think I am on my way. Looks like the smaller of the two available sizes may work - I'll let you know how it turns out.


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